Thanks to Kathy Dempsey of Marketing Library Services for allowing me to write this small column every issue! The following links go to scans of the published articles; new ones will appear 90 days after seeing print in Marketing Library Services.


September/October 2014: no column published this month

July/August 2014: Ghost Stories and Flynn Returns

May/June 2014: What a Librarian Looks Like

March/April 2014: The Book is Magic!

January/February 2014: Tattoos, Sabotage, and Fashion Sighs

November/December 2013: Lego Librarians and Learning

September/October 2013: Librarian Newsbites

July/August 2013: Lately in the News

May/June 2013: Superbowl Librarians

March/April 2013: Are You Stressed Out Yet?

January/February 2013: Pop Culture Grab Bag 2

November/December 2012: Pop Culture Grab Bag

September/October 2012: Comic-Con Librarians

July/August 2012: Replace a Librarian - it's not what you think!

May/June 2012: Playboy Librarians: Truth or Fiction?

March/April 2012: XXX Libraries

January/February 2012: Ups and Downs

November/December 2011: Oh, My, Calendar Men!

September/October 2011: Tantalizing Tidbits

July/August 2011: Pop, Lit, Future, Go!

May/June 2011: Librarian Chic

March/April 2011: Pick a Peck of Pop

January/February 2011: Not sure about Culture, but it Pops!

November/December 2010: MTV Does it Again... Kinda

September/October 2010: A Spicy Week for Libraries

July/August 2010: Librarians, Betty White Style

May/June 2010: Cinema Librarians

March/April 2010: Celebrity Librarian What Now?

January/February 2010: Roaming the Internet, Searching for Librarians

November/December 2009: Grab Bag!

September/October 2009: Australian Librarians

July/August 2009: Advertised Librarians

May/June 2009: Wikipediabrarians

March/April 2009: Librarians in the News

January/February 2009: A Farewell to Fictional Friends

November/December 2008: Sexy Librarians

September/October 2008: Conan the Librarian!

July/August 2008: Music for Librarians

May/June 2008: Librarians in the News

March/April 2008: Librarian Movies in 2008

January/February 2008: Librarian Search Engines

November/December 2007: Library Marketing Ideas

September/October 2007: Quick Takes on Reading

July/August 2007: Unshelved

May/June 2007: Mysterious Librarians!

March/April 2007: Did You Know...

January/February 2007: Richard Peck's Here Lies the Librarian

November/December 2006: Librarians After the News

September/October 2006: Librarians in the News

July/August 2006: How I Fell in Love with a Librarian and Lived to Tell About It

May/June 2006: The Continuing Adventures of Rex Libris!

March/April 2006: Library Bars around the country

January/February 2006: The Librarian: Quest for the Spear on DVD

November/December 2005: Quick takes on the topic

September/October 2005: The adventures of Rex Libris

July/August 2005: Summer reading choices

May/June 2005: The FilmLibrarian web site

March/April 2005: Larry Beinhart's The Librarian

January/February 2005: TNT's movie The Librarian: Quest for the Spear